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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: January 30th, 2018 | No Comments on BLACK KOI MATTER

black koi

Black Koi Matter. Join the Karasu movement.

Ask a koi keeper how they first became introduced to koi fish and they will likely recall a story of how they came across a pond, so long ago, that contained these delightfully colorful and friendly fish. Many koi keepers are drawn into the keeping of koi because of the beautiful clean bright colors of red, white, orange, and yellow. These colors are so pure, so attractive, so positively eye-catching. Not many koi keepers will recall being drawn to the black of the koi, the sumi. The appreciation of black, the appreciation of sumi, typically comes after keeping koi for some time. That subtle allure, that appreciation of black ends up becoming a major factor in high quality koi choices. Indeed, black koi matter.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: October 22nd, 2014 | No Comments on HOW TO BUY KOI AND POND FISH

A guy walks into a room…
No this is not a joke…
A guy walks into a room filled with people.

What you just read a fraction of a second ago has already filled your head with potential stories as to what could be happening from that very simple statement.
A guy walks into a room, and a whole new world of possibilities opens.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: May 11th, 2014 | 4 Comments on WATERCRESS, SIMPLE AMAZING WATERCRESS, THE REAL STORY!

Watercress. What is watercress anyway? Is there such thing as rockcress or maybe landcress? How about outerspace cress? Cress, really?

     Yes, cress, really. There is landcress! There is rockcress! There is NOT outerspacecress, and I am sorry if that disappoints you. Truth is that cress, watercress primarily, played a huge and often times important role in many civilizations of the ancient and not so ancient world. Watercress’s botanical name is Nasturtium. It is an ancient plant utilized around the globe throughout history. And you still are not growing it in your pond? Why not?!

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: August 26th, 2013 | 4 Comments on PONDEMONIUM 2013 REVIEW

It was a literally a zoo in Chicago on August 22, 2013. It was the Lincoln Park Zoo actually, where scores of pond industry professionals came together to install, create, and renovate several water features around the zoo. This incredible project was the kick off to the pond industry’s largest annual event, Pondemonium; hosted by Aquascape Inc. ( theme for the Pondemonium 2013 event was “Get Fit For The Fight”, the fight to manage and grow a pond and water garden business successfully.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: February 11th, 2013 | 4 Comments on PONDEMINIUM 2013 REVIEW

The month of February in the Northeast US is certainly the most “wintery” of any month in those parts. Water gardens and koi ponds, waterfalls and splashing fountains are still a distant thought for those with a water garden lifestyle. Yet, it is a perfect time for pond and water garden professionals to start gearing up for a new season in 2013. And PONDEMINIUM is a great way to get it rolling! Pondeminium 2013, hosted by Mark and Rebecca Willoughby from Splash Supply Company of York, PA ( ), brought together a large group of pond pros from February 6-8, 2013.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: January 22nd, 2013 | 6 Comments on CABOMONIUM 2013 REVIEW

cabomonium 2013

Adventures in pond building gets taken to a whole new level when Aquascape Inc. is part of those adventures. Cabomonium 2013 was quite the adventure and took place from January 13 – 17, 2013 in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico.  Cabomonium is an annual event, hosted by Aquascape Inc., which attracts many of the top talents in the pond industry for 5 days of networking, business building, professional inspiration, creating new and strengthening old friendships. All of this happening in a quaint Mexican resort, Marbella Suites, in the heart of a world class tropical setting.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: January 7th, 2013 | 1 Comment on THEMED POND DESIGNS. A GREAT FORM OF SELF EXPRESSION.

Theme ponds. Theme ponds? Yes, theme ponds!

How about a pond design based on a theme? The overriding theme for about 99% of the pond I build for people are “natural”; when the time comes to discuss design concepts pretty much everyone always says I want it to look really “natural”. But how about thinking outside of the box of natural looking ponds; what about planning a fun looking pond, or a pond that really reflects who you are or what you find pretty.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: January 3rd, 2013 | No Comments on THE 2013 POND. WHAT ARE YOUR POND RESOLUTIONS?


Its 2013, the New Year is actually upon us and already rolling along! As we all “de-holidify” and return to our normal routines; many of us think it’s a good time to make changes and resolutions. I like the chance for a resolution because it seems that there is always something in my life that needs to change, or needs improvement. I welcome the chance to get better in every part of life. For me that always means that in the New Year I look how I can do things differently with my pond since that is a huge part of my life. There’s a million things that I want to do and change with my pond and right now is the time for me to think about those and plan to make the changes in 2013 that I can.  Of course I have to consider what I can afford to do, what I need to do, and what I want to do.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: November 16th, 2012 | 17 Comments on HOW TO WINTERIZE POND PLANTS WITHOUT DROWNING THEM

How to winterize aquatic plants is a very commonly sought after piece of information for water garden pond keepers. Everyone knows the internet is invaluable for fast how-to information and advice; however there is as much bad advice out there as there is good advice. The best advice will come from those who are professionals in the industry who have practical, first person, hands-on EXPERIENCE.

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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: October 24th, 2012 | No Comments on THE TANCHO KOHAKU, AN INTERESTING KOI VARIETY

tancho kohaku nj

Throughout history certain colors and color combinations have become a part of the fabric of humanity. The most basic colors of humanity would be red, white, and black; these are the colors that are most accessible to us since they come right from nature. Even the earliest cave paintings were made using the combinations of red, white and black.  These colors happen to have the strongest psychological impact on humans along with tremendous cultural significance in just about every culture and religion on the planet past and present.

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