FSA Pond Plant Guide

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    • Sensitive Plant

      Sensitive Plant New Jersey Water Garden Guide

      A very cool floating water garden pond plant that has great looking dark green leaves. Sensitive plant also grows a cheerful yellow flower. Best thing is this plant reacts when touched and will quickly close up, and gently re-open. Sensitive plant is a fun plant to keep and looks great in your water garden. Click here to view our pond packages.

    • Anacharis/Elodea

      A submerged aquatic weed that is widely available for ponds and aquarium use. We do not recommend this plant because if its aggressive reproduction in pond systems.

    • Bog Bean

      A submerged plant that will grow tons of leaves along the furface of the pond and produce awesome and interesting white flowers. An easy to keep and fun pond plant.

    • Floating Heart

      A great pond plant, easy to care for; but very AGGRESSIVE. We do not recommend floating heart in a natural pond or water garden, but it makes a great container pond plant.

    • Golden Club

      Golden Club is an under utilized pond plant in the New Jersey water garden because it blooms late in summer when it is HOT! Have patience with this aquatic plant and it will reward you.

    • Hornwort

      A submerged aquatic weed that is widely available for ponds and aquarium use. We do not recommend this plant because if its aggressive reproduction in pond systems.

    • Lotus

      Summit NJ Lotus Flowers & Pond Service | Full Service Aquatics

      The classic and elegant lotus has large flowers that stand above water level; surrounded by round bright green leaves that hover just above the surface of your pond

    • Parrotfeather

      The Parrotfeather is a non flowering plant is a vigorous grower that sends out leaflets along the surface of the water. The plant adds a splash of brightness to the pond and great texture from its leaves.

    • Spatterdock

      Sometime confused with waterlily. Spatterdock has similar leaves to the waterlily and produces a yellow flower that looks like it never fully opens. This is an easy to care for plant.

    • Water lily

      Summit NJ Waterlilies & Waterlily Pond | Full Service Aquatics

      Water lily are the quintessential pond plant. Floating round leaves and bright flowers on the surface of the pond. Many different flower colors to choose from. Hardy and tropical varieties.

    • Acorus/Sweetflag

      This aquatic plant likes it very wet, but not submerged. Keep it’s “feet” in water and it will grow beautifully. Great splash of color and nice growth pattern on this low growing grassy plant.

    • Taro Plant

      A tropical water garden plant that also makes a great house plant during winter months! Taro has huge great looking leaves, and really dresses up the side of any pond.


      A great hardy marginal for your water garden pond. Pickerel is early to grow in spring and stays green late into the season. Long lasting blue flowers bloom during the hot months and stick around for a while. Can grow up to 48″ tall.


      Water Garden

      The horsetail reed is a water gardening favorite. This hardy plant grows tall and thick with a beautiful segmented reed. Great for water gardens, patio ponds, and even has landscape uses!

    • Aquatic Mint

      New Jersey aquatic plants

      This is a great plant for the pond and water garden. Easy to care for, needs to be controlled and pruned back, but produces lots of minty fresh leaves and puffy purple flowers.

    • Arrowhead

      Arrowhead. This marginal favorite has arrow shaped large green leaves and is easy to keep making it a popular pond plant for the New Jersey water gardener and pond keeper.

    • Bacopa

      A low growing green leaf  easy to care for aquatic plant that gets covered with small white flowers. Great for pond edges and slow waterfall areas.

    • Canna

      Canna has so many colors and varieties to choose from in both hardy types and tropical. We recommend hardy aquatic variety. This plant grows big and gets huge flowers at the height of summer. Impressive plant type.

    • Cattail

      A classic pond plant that is found used in natural ponds all over New Jersey, and sometimes backyard ponds. Cattail is not a recommended plant to use in natural or constructed ponds. If you want that cattail look, check out “dwarf cattail”.

    • Cardinal Flower

      For that rich red coloration to be found in your pond give Cardinal Flower a try. Keep its feet wet, and a good amount of sun and you will have clusters of red flowers bursting around the edge of your water garden pond.

    • Frogbit

      aquatic plants new jersey

      A floating water garden plant that blooms at the peak of summer. Great aquatic plant for container water gardens and non-skimmer larger water gardens. Frogbit is easy to keep.

    • Duckweed

      This tiny floating aquatic plant is great for NJ container ponds but NOT recommended for natural ponds or water gardens. It can cover an entire pond quickly and is hard to control. In New Jersey duckweed control is difficult in natural ponds.

    • Mosiac Plants

      This floating water garden plant is great for container water gardens or in a slow moving area of your backyard water garden pond.

    • Water Hyacinth

      Water hyacinth is a quick reproducing floating plant that produces lots of nice purple flowers; and big green leaves. Great for a patio pond. Not recommended in ponds with skimmers or koi ponds, unless somehow contained.

    • Water Lettuce

      Water lettuce is an easy to care for, quick reproducing popular pond plant is great for container ponds. If you put it in your water garden, be prepared to remove a lot of the new growth, they grow quickly. No flowers but great looking plant that floats freely in the water. Not recommended for ponds with skimmers or koi, unless contained.