Its 2013, the New Year is actually upon us and already rolling along! As we all “de-holidify” and return to our normal routines; many of us think it’s a good time to make changes and resolutions. I like the chance for a resolution because it seems that there is always something in my life that needs to change, or needs improvement. I welcome the chance to get better in every part of life. For me that always means that in the New Year I look how I can do things differently with my pond since that is a huge part of my life. There’s a million things that I want to do and change with my pond and right now is the time for me to think about those and plan to make the changes in 2013 that I can.  Of course I have to consider what I can afford to do, what I need to do, and what I want to jersey pond maintenance

My wants for my pond are a complete and total renovation, a complete tear out and rebuild. I want to go bigger, deeper, rework the edges, and completely redesign my waterfall. I want a lot more lights in my pond and around my pond. I want a new pump with the remote control that I can adjust and control the flow rate in the waterfall. I want a lot more plants, a couple jumbo koi, and a spitter to grace the edge of my pond. And I want some Japanese koi flags, I love those things and 2012 went by finding me flagless. In 2013 I want koi flags flying!

My needs for the pond are pretty typical. I need an entire new set of filter pads, skimmer pads, and a new skimmer net. I need a supply of food and my seasonal supply of water treatments like beneficial bacteria and liquid barley extract. I need a couple new bulbs for the lighting I do have.

My personal pond formula works out to “NEEDS + WANTS / BUDGET = REALITY”. So let’s get real about pond resolutions for 2013. I of course, need to compromise with myself since budget factors strongly into the 2013 equation. So what can I really change in 2013?

The total tear out is not going to happen so I will settle for a waterfall overhaul and some edge enhancements for my pond. To redesign the waterfall will only require me to purchase a new piece of liner and a bit of additional rockwork. The rockwork I can also use to give a facelift here and there along the edge of my pond. The rest of the redesign will have to be done at another time. The new waterfall will give me the most bang for my buck.

The new fancy remote controlled adjustable flow rate pump is not in budget so I will compromise and go for the pond spitter this year which will give me a bit more circulation and enhance the look of my pond too.  The new lighting system for the pond interior and exterior is also a budget buster so for 2013 I will rearrange my existing lights and add 2 more lights instead of the 6 that I’d like to add. If done right those 2 lights can make a big difference in the design and next year I’ll add on a few more lights. Lighting will have to be a work in progress.

I guess I don’t really need any new jumbo koi and the price tag that comes along with those so I’ll live with my same stock I’ve had for many years now. The new koi can wait until I expand the pond. As far as new plants I’d like to avoid that expense too so I will be dividing all my plants in 2013 and restock my pond that way for the time being.koi fish nj

Since 2013 will be my year of the koi flag, I will plan to add that when the season is really underway and some funds are available for that again. In 2013 the koi flag must happen!

I need to add the filter materials and skimmer components so I’ll start with those during the Spring and purchase my water treatments as the season progresses to keep the hit on the budget to a slow bleed. Late Spring I’ll get my bacteria and later I’ll go for the barley extract.

With my New Year pond resolution formula I may not get everything I want, but I get what I need and some extra satisfaction to boot! I also will stay within my budget to keep the marital bliss rolling along too! When you make your “pond wants list” take time to talk to your local pond professional; sometimes you can get more than you expected or even get everything you want with some extended time to pay it. Your local pond pro is usually pretty willing to work with customers to get them what they want now, instead of later.

As with most resolutions made by all of us with good intentions, maybe not everything comes to fruition but at least we’re trying. Now that I got my 2013 pond resolutions in motion I can turn my attention to all those other resolutions I hope to keep in 2013. Who knows maybe this year I will lost that weight!  I think it will be a good year for change, and good year in ponding, and a good year to get those koi flags flying! Let’s go 2013, bring on pond season, I’m ready! Are you? Make this your best year ever.

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