snapping turtle

Snapping Turtle

Snapping turtle are not welcome in our backyard ponds and should be carefully removed. It is interesting to note that their fierce reputation is overstated and the snapping turtle is more interested in plants and DEAD fish, than it is interested in trying to catch your healthy living fish!

oranda goldfish pond

Oranda Goldfish

The oranda variety of goldfish comes in many color varieties and patterns but is best known for its large head growth. Oranda are considered ornamental but will adapt to the outdoor pond easily in most cases. The orandas are selectively bred for their characteristic traits. Orandas do not need any special treatment and will adapt well to a backyard pond. Oranda readily accept various foods prepared for New Jersey pond fish.

Shiro Utsuri

Shiro Utsuri

Shiro Utsuri are a beautiful black based koi with white patterns on its skin. The Utsuri varieties also have red pattern on black skin and yellow pattern on black skin. Shiro Utsuri are highly desirable koi for any backyard koi pond collection. New Jersey koi pond owners can easily keep this koi variety along with other varieties. Shiro Utsuri do not require any special care and readily accept koi foods.

tench for NJ ponds


Tench are a more popular fish in European backyard ponds but are slowly gaining popularity here in the US backyard ponds and water gardens. Tench are easy to care for and do very well in backyard ponds and water gardens. Tench are compatible with koi and goldfish. A golden variety of tench are available for backyard ponds and water gardens.

Chinese Hi Fin Shark

Chinese Hi Fin Shark

The Chinese Hi Fin shark can make a great addition to any koi pond, water garden, or fish pond. Chinese Hi Fin Shark grow big and are cold hardy fish that do a great job eating algae.

weather loach

Weather Loach

The weather loach, or dojo loach, is a fun and interesting addition to any pond. Known for its ability to predict storms this fish also is friendly and grows to a size of 12″!

Asagi koi

Asagi Koi

The Asagi koi is the grand daddy of all koi varieties. Easy to care for and growing bigger than other koi make the Asagi a favorite. A must have for koi keepers of any experience.

yellow goldfish

Yellow Goldfish

The yellow goldfish, or canary goldfish, is capturing the hearts of fish keepers, pond keepers, and water garden enthusiasts. Bright and beautiful yellow goldfish, easy to care for, cold hardy, and can be kept with koi and other backyard pond fish. Yellow goldfish accept a wide variety of pond fish foods. Yellow goldfish are a great addition to any New Jersey pond or water garden.

Grey Sturgeon Fish in water located in NJ


Sturgeon are much more popular in Europe as a pond fish but the sturgeon is a hardy and interesting pond fish.  Sturgeon can be mixed with koi. They prefer sinking pellets for feeding. Sturgeon can get big so be sure you have the room for them to grow in your pond.

bubble eye goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

This variety of goldfish is a true ornamental. Bubble Eye goldfish are not meant for backyard pond keeping with other more aggressive type of goldfish or koi. The bubble eye can do great in a outdoor backyard pond of similar ornamental goldfish. Bubble eye goldfish are not winter hardy and should be brought in during colder weather.

Black Koi

Black koi are beautiful and mysterious in the pond; yet they are typically very friendly fish. It is said that a black koi in a pond absorbs bad and negative energy, leaving its owner only good energy. Maybe every pond should have a black koi!

Fantail Goldfish

Fantail goldfish are popular and easy to keep ornamental goldfish. They display large split tails and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Fantail goldfish get along with other goldfish and koi.

Painted Turtle

Painted turtles are very common pond inhabitants of natural and mud ponds. Turtles must have some sort of fence to keep them in the area of an installed pond or they will leave. Painted turtles are lots of fun and will not bother larger fish, but may eat small baby fish in the pond.

Gin Rin

Gin Rin variety koi are noted for their sparkling appearance. The scales of the Gin Rin are highly reflective. Gin Rin characteristics can appear in several types and colors of koi. Gin Rin variety are a real attention grabber in any koi pond.


Wakin are very popular in Japan as a basic pond fish. The Wakin variety look much like a typical comet goldfish, but has a split tail. The Wakin variety is gaining popularity here in the US. They are easy to care for, bright, colorful, and hardy pond fish.

Garter Snake

Garter snake are not typically introduced to ponds, but are still mentioned in this section due to the fact that they frequent some ponds. Garter snakes are harmless, non-aggressive, and typically by the pond to eat crickets and bugs, but may attempt a goldfish here and there.

Morristown NJ Butterfly Koi & Dragon Koi | Full Service Aquatics

Butterfly/Dragon Koi

The dragon koi, more popularly known as the butterfly koi, has beautiful flowing elongated fins. The butterfly koi come in all varieties. Butterfly koi are believed to be hardier than straight fin koi.


Chagoi are probably the biggest and friendliest of the koi varieties. Chagoi come in different earthy colors like “olive green”; and only have one color to their body. Their beauty comes from their personalities! Fun fish to keep!!

Koi Pond Fish Guide - Bekko Fish For New Jersey


The Bekko variety has evenly spread but random black markings over its body. This popular variety is a true favorite of many and comes with body color of white (Shiro Bekko), red (Aka Bekko), and yellow (Ki Bekko).

Large Orange Lionhead Goldfish Swimming


The lionhead goldfish is an ornamental variety of goldfish that has no dorsal fin. The dorsal fin was removed through selctive breeding. Beautiful and hardy goldfish variety.


The Showa koi variety is known as a black koi with red and white markings. True showa have black at base of fins and in the mouth. Showa are highly desirable variety.


The hardy bullfrog can be found hanging around ponds. Typically spending time along the edge of the pond in plants. Bullfrogs are great fun to watch.

Green Frog

The green frog is a classic pond frog. Those frogs you see sitting on lily pads are often green frogs. Lots of fun and no special care required!

Mosquito Fish

The Mosquito fish, or Guppy, is a great addition to outdoor ponds. Colder climates are not preferred by these small pond fish. Mosquito fish are popularly used for mosquito control, hence their name!

Black Moor

Black Moor are easily on of the most popular fancy goldfish.  Considered good luck with the ability to absorb bad energy who wouldn’t want one!? Beautiful fins, silky black color makes a easy to care for addition to your pond.


The colorful Sanke is a very popular koi variety. A white fish with bold red and black markings make this fish highly desirable. Sanke koi are widely available and bred domestically and worldwide.

Summit NJ Tadpoles & Tadpoles for Ponds | Full Service Aquatics


Tadpoles area a popular addition to many ponds and water gardens. Tadpoles don’t take long to turn into resident frogs. Tadpoles offer some algae control in many ponds.

Fish Guide For New Jersey Koi Ponds


Kohaku are among the most popular of all koi varieties. A white fish with red patterns these koi are true classic beauties. Easy to care for and widely available.

Trap Door Snail

The trap door snail is the most popular choice of snail for the water garden. It is hardy enough to survive in colder regions and known for its appetite for algae. This snail is safe in koi ponds and water gardens.


This beautiful type of koi can be found in Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa varieties.  The Tancho is easily recognizable by the red circular coloration on its head. The Tancho is a hardy and sought after type of koi.


The Ryukin goldfish is a great choice for an ornamental pond fish. Colors range from deep red to red and white combinations. Ryukins can be long or short finned and are easy to care for hardy fish.

crayfish and crawdaddys ponds and water gardens


Crayfish, or crawdaddys, are interesting additions to any pond or water garden. Crayfish are scavengers that help to create a more complete ecosystem in your backyard fish pond.


The shubunkin, an easy to keep calico goldfish that is great for backyard fish ponds and water gardens. There are 3 type of shubunkin; a London Shubunkin, Bristol Shubunkin, and the American Shubunkin. Hardy, colorful, happy fish!

golden orfe nj pond

Golden Orfe

The Golden Orfe has been popular with pond keepers for many years due to its ease of keeping and compatibility with other pond fish.

NJ goldfish ponds

Sarasa Comet

The Sarasa comet is a popular and hardy goldfish that does very well in outdoor ponds