Koi Pond & Water Garden Installation & Maintenance in Summit, NJ

If you’re looking for a private, personal oasis to enjoy in your own backyard, a water feature is the perfect solution. Unfortunately, water features require a lot of work, time, and expertise to create and maintain. For this reason, many homeowners who would otherwise love and benefit from one are hesitant to make the investment.

At Full Service Aquatics, our mission is to take the hassle out of water feature installation and maintenance, so everybody who wants one can have one—no stress involved. As New Jersey’s leading water feature service company, no one is more qualified to help you bring your dream sanctuary to life!

Water Feature Design & Installation in Summit & Surrounding NJ Areas

Whatever water feature you’ve been fantasizing about for your landscape, our team will make it a reality. Our award-winning team has expertly designed and installed beautiful koi ponds, luscious water gardens, tranquil waterfalls, and many other types of water features since we began working in 1995. We’ll work with you closely to create a feature based on your vision, needs, and our years of knowledge and experience. Small scale, large scale, simple, or extravagant, we can do it all.

Year-Round Pond Cleaning & Water Feature Maintenance Services

Once your water feature has been designed and constructed, it’s important that it receives regular maintenance if you want it to remain beautiful, serene, and sanitary. Full Service Aquatics can help you with this too, as we offer a range of cleaning and maintenance services for ponds, water gardens, waterfalls, and more. Some of our water feature maintenance services include:

Additionally, we offer emergency and on-call maintenance and repair services to keep your oasis flowing 24/7.

New Jersey Water Feature Repairs & Renovations

No matter how well you maintain your koi pond or water garden, issues are bound to come up over the years. When they do, you can give us a call and we’ll handle all the repairs necessary to get your water feature up and running again.

Or, you may decide after some time that you want to upgrade your existing water feature. Maybe it doesn’t function as well as it used to or you’re looking for a fresh look—whatever it is, we have you covered. Our team can renovate your water feature to bring it new life and new value.

Are you ready to get started on creating the peaceful backyard haven you’ve always wanted? Contact Full Service Aquatics in New Jersey today to learn more about our comprehensive water feature services!

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