Dredging Services

Pond Dredging Services are used for the improvement of water bodies such as natural ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers. Pond beautification and enhancement as well as deepening are all achieved through dredging. Water quality improvement, habitat restoration, and increased property value are just some of the beneficial by-products of a well designed dredging plan. Dredging services for a pond are an important part of managing any pond or natural body or water.

Today’s dredging services are typically offered with a description of “mechanical dredging” or “hydraulic dredging”. There are many factors that will affect which method of dredging is right for your water body. Full Service Aquatics can help determine which type of service will be most beneficial for their dredging service clientele.

Whether it is a less than one acre pond, a multi-acre lake, river-way, marina, estate pond, or golf course pond; dredging services are typically required about every 20-30 years, with some bodies of water requiring more frequent dredging services. Full Service Aquatics can manage whichever plan of services you may require.

Dredging can create the ideal conditions for you pond. Algae blooms, green water, overgrown plants, shallow water, undesirable biting flies and mosquitoes can all be managed through dredging.

Full Service Aquatics is a New Jersey based company with a broad service area. Contact FSA to inquire about dredging services for your pond or water body.