Another pond renovation project under our belt. I believe I am one of the few who can genuinely say that they love what they do. Working in the pond industry, like any other type of job, has its good days and bad days, but overall I love what I do and the challenges it presents to me on pretty much a daily basis.
Pond renovations are a whole challenge unto themselves. I always get a great deal of pleasure from pond construction, it gives me an empty canvas which I can work into a completely unique work of art that my customer will hopefully love and appreciate. My medium to create my artwork is rock, plant, and water; and when my mind is left to run I can come up with some amazing and inspired designs. Then along comes a renovation….
Pond renovations are usually desired by a customer who has had a bad experience with the original pond installation that was built for them. The bad experience can come from any direction such as bad design, bad water quality, poor workmanship, maintenance nightmare, inexperienced contractor, or all the above. The pond renovation service is often times more of a challenge because it can be very hard to win over customers’ trust and assure them that Full Service Aquatics will leave them with a beautiful pond installation, that’s easy to maintain, and with lasting results. The customer can be cynical, after all, the previous pond guy told them the same thing I’m telling them; the biggest difference is that I’m telling them the truth. Once the hurdle of contracting the pond renovation job is passed, then comes the challenge of re-doing someone else’s vision, which most often ends up being a complete tear-out and redo to the way I build ponds and water gardens. Of course tearing out a pond, water garden, or waterfall and rebuilding is harder than just a straight pond installation, but the reward of a happy customer is all the sweeter. Seeing the relief of the customer, when their new pond installation is plugged in and the waterfall starts flowing and everything works! Then on our follow up visit several weeks later is the confirmation that we have done right by our customers as now they have beautifully clear water, thriving fish, and blooming aquatic plants.
At the end of a pond renovation, the reward of having a happy customer who can now tell the story of how their nightmare pond was transformed into the beautiful dream pond they always wanted is a story that will hopefully bring new and eager customers to the Full Service Aquatics family of pond owners, and a story they will likely tell anyone who will listen. Word of mouth is the best advertising….even in the pond world.

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