Have I told you happy New Year yet? Well, if not, happy New Year! I should tell you now before it gets to that point where it is too late to wish this. Have I told you that I appreciate you? Well, if not, I do; and if you’re reading this New Year message I mean it sincerely. Thanks for being here.
So the New Year of 2011 is here and as with most entries into the New Year I always plan to do some things I have not done in the previous year(s). I’m a resolution maker, I believe in resolutions and with the event of a new year it just seems like a great time to make some of those promises to myself. Typically my New Year resolutions are like those that so many of us make; lose weight, make more time for family, win the lottery. I do plan to do those things this year, again; but I also plan to make some resolutions for my business.
2011 will be a good year for me, and 2011 will be a good year of my company Full Service Aquatics. Full Service Aquatics is slowly becoming an umbrella for several endeavors that I pursue, amongst them is this blog; others are my website, my Facebook site, my YouTube pond video site, and all the other outlets that are developing. My resolutions are numerous and I hope to achieve them…what are they you ask? Well I’ll tell you a few.
I resolve to bring the LOVEYOURPOND blog reader some interesting content on a regular basis and ask my readers to make a resolution as well, give me feedback. I would love to hear from more of you on the posts I make. I’m interested to hear what you think of what I put out there, and also your own experiences in ponding and water gardening, let’s make this a mutual resolution, yes?
On my video site The POND HUNTER on YouTube I resolve to bring you some great stuff this year. I plan to put out a bunch of more pond related videos, all of them being “in the pursuit of all things aquatic”. Will you resolve to give me feedback? I want to know what you think!
My field work I plan on making changes too. I resolve to reduce the amount of waste that is created through this business. Every once in a while it hits me how incredible it is that amount of waste that is generated by a small business. Much of this is from the ubiquitous over packaging that goes on with just about everything I buy, so I will seek out strategic purchases that will reduce my waste. In the field I will also find more and better ways to reduce and re-use materials. I also plan to spread the news of water gardening as much as possible.
I resolve to become more knowledgeable about this expansive field. There is so much to learn! I plan to pursue some interesting studies, and share them with you all.
Since I do not do it often, I will take this opportunity to wish for all of you a new year filled with good health, much happiness, increased wealth, and successful ponding and water gardening. I wish this for all of you with utmost sincerity!
So, again, happy New Year! What are you plans and goals? What are your resolutions? What are your wishes for 2011? Let me know, I want to hear from you!

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