On February 18, 2010 I spent the day working on the first part of my Rain Garden Certification process through Rutgers University Extension. The first part of this process was spent doing class time. I was able to spend the day with several other candidates in a lecture hall meeting with and connecting with some of our areas top rain garden experts and professionals. Topics ranged from the basics of what is a rain garden to installation process, site selection, plants to use, benefits of rain gardens, regulations for rain gardens, as well as a panel of rain garden experts made available for us to field questions and an open exchange of ideas.

Rain gardens are an amazing approach and method to not only creating beautiful and functional landscapes, but they are an easy low maintenance way for home and business owners to practice conservation and to be good water stewards. For stormwater control, rain gardens will soon be seen in places we never thought of and installed in a way that you will only think you are looking at a pretty garden installation.

The second part of my rain garden certification process will take place in March when I will do a hands-on rain garden installation. Wish me luck, and please call me if you or anyone you kow is interested in installing a rain garden or would just like a bit of information.

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