I have a confession to make; I use pond water to make my coffee. Ok, I’m kidding, not only would my Pond Princess (wife) kick me to the curb if I still did that, more importantly the coffee would taste funky.

This morning I sat by my pond and drank a cup of coffee while I tossed some breakfast pellets to my lovely koi fish. I was still in my pajamas while doing this and it is not the first time nor will it be the last time I do this. Drinking coffee by my pond is one of the most relaxing things I do. Drinking coffee by my pond is greatly missed in those winter months, when I will sit by my dining room window looking out at my pond while drinking coffee, not quite as relaxing but a relished activity of mine all the same.

The next time you have the chance OR just make the chance, take the time to sit with a cup of Joe by the pond and enjoy it. Slow down for a few minutes, enjoy your koi fish, your water garden, and your waterfall with a nice hot cup of coffee, you’ll thank me.

Coffee by the pond…..c’mon what are you waiting for.


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