A customer asked me “Do you install waterless waterfalls?”
I’m pretty sure I answered, “Yes”
Then I thought about it and re-answered, “No”
Then changed my answer again to, “Well, I install PONDless waterfalls”….final answer.
Customer replied, “Well, those are even better, them waterless waterfalls look like rock!”
I laughed, I agreed, and we ended up building her a very cool pondless waterfall.

So why pondless? Well, there are many reasons to go pondless. For that particular customer it was a matter of spacing. She had a slope in her backyard that had no space at the bottom of it for a pond but had an awesome area for a waterfall, so…go pondless!
Of course what type of space you have available will dictate to a degree what type of water feature you can install, but the good news is there is a water feature solution to any spatial challenge. Pondless waterfalls do not have to be small either, they are a great way to use a small area, but I have installed pondless waterfalls that are up to 160 feet long with multiple pooling areas, cascades, and winding stream areas!
Some other reasons that a client may want to go pondless is that the area they want to install in is very public, an office entry for example or a shopping area with high foot traffic. Going pondless in a public area reduces maintenance, reduces insurance liability, and reduces the possibility of vandalism; in an area like this the pondless waterfall is the perfect solution.
Perhaps the maintenance obligations are a concern. Pondless waterfall maintenance is a fraction of the upkeep of a pond, although a well constructed pond should only require light maintenance, the pondless waterfall really only needs to be topped off from time to time and checked for obstructions in the waterway to avoid spillage. Of course, a good annual cleanout is a good idea giving a chance to really make sure the entire system is in good shape.
Could be a pond is not for you, but you’d like all the sights and sounds of a water feature which can even be coupled with aquatic plants. A watergarden can still be enjoyed with the pondless waterfall. Numerous aquatic plants are good candidates for beautification in a pondless waterfall installation. Again, going pondless is the way.
Maybe someone is not home often or vacations for extended perios. A pondless waterfall can be run intermittently for those who cannot be there to enjoy the system. For the energy conscious, an on and off cycle is perfectly fine for a pondless waterfall, compared to a pond which could possibly suffer livestock loss from off cycles.
Often times even the most beautiful pond installation can get “second in show” to the pondless waterfall installation. The pondless waterfall can be quite a display anytime of day or night when aquatic lighting is used to create a dramatic night time effect.
Most of the time a pondless waterfall can be a more economical solution from not only the upfront cost of construction, but many of the after costs associated with a pond as well like fish, foods, aquatic plants, water treatments, etc.
So if in doubt, go pondless, the pond can always be added later when the time is right!

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