When I first got involved with ponds I don’t think I fully realized how encompassing the subject of ponds, watergardens, and waterfalls is. For me personally; ponds have actually become central to how I live my life and spend my days whether it be for business, recreation, or family time. The influence that ponds have over my psyche is pretty dominating. Being aware of this fact about myself, it only was natural for me to start to look outside of my experiences with ponds, waterfalls, water gardens, koi ponds, and water features in general, and to look further as to how it affects others regardless of if it is their first experience with a pond or they have many decades of experience with ponds; I look at what type of reaction it creates in people with the same interest.

I recently had mentioned to my wife, as we sat by our pond installation, feeding our beautiful koi pond fish, that “I get great pleasure out of watching people watch our pond”, and I truly do. Over the weekend we had a guest over to our house, she is a single mom, and old friend of my wife. She stopped by for a quick visit along with her son. My wife has not seen much of her friend over the last few years because her friend cannot make much time to get out because her son has major issues with focus and hyperactivity and it can be extremely difficult for her to have any quality time with anyone.

I think it was to all of our surprise that when we came out back to look at the koi pond, as we do with most of our guests, the pond had an immediate impact on her otherwise unfocused son. For most of an hour he was very quiet and totally took in every part of the pond. For another part of an hour he was fixated on tossing koi food into the pond watching the colorful koi stick their heads out of the water beckoning him for more pellets, he was nothing short of delighted. The fish, the water, the plants, the waterfall, the soothing sounds and the soothing sights of the pond installation had a profound impact on her son in a very positive way. The pond gave this single mom and well-deserved break too, as she enjoyed the pond as well, in a very different way, and with a very different appreciation of the benefits of a koi pond installation in New Jersey.

Everyday I learn something new about ponds, and this is one of the more memorable lessons. This lesson reminds me of why I do what I do, and why I love doing what I do. To see some pictures and videos of pond construction, pond installation, pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, and water gardens take the time to visit LOVEYOURPOND.COM

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