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By: Mike Gannon | Posted On: May 29th, 2014 | No Comments on BUTTERFLY KOI, WATER DRAGONS OF THE POND WORLD

butterfly koi

For the koi purist, the kichi, the sleek and flashy butterfly koi may not be their first choice when it comes to their koi collection. For many, the butterfly koi simply would not be an option at all. When you get into the upper echelons of finer koi keeping, the butterfly varieties are barely even recognized as being a fish! Yet, for so many others they would not think of their collection as being complete without some sort of representation from the butterfly variety. My koi collection would fall into that category as well since I can account for 3 butterfly koi in my pond’s population. However; in my pond, I refer to them as dragon koi. I like the name dragon koi better. The long fins on my fish coupled with the swishy manner of swimming they have, actually makes them appear to be much more like little water dragons swimming through my pond than butterflies. But that’s just me, you can call yours what you like but in my pond they are dragon koi all the way!

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