Kicking off under October’s full Hunter’s Moon, a virtual tribe of pond professionals gathered for Shindemonium 2014 which took place October 8-10 in the Maryland countryside; with 3 perfect days of Autumn weather. Also an amazing 3 days of networking and learning for pond professionals and business owners. Hosted by Premier Ponds and Turf Equipment, Shindemonium is a growing industry event for pond pros interested in making their business operations more efficient, with better customer service, while gaining higher profits. Offering a multitude of learning opportunities at every turn, designed to improve your water garden koi pond business. The Shindemonium 2014 gathering transcended expectations, and beat the drum of success for pond professionals.
Day 1 of Shindemonium offered field training at the University of Maryland in pond installation. A hands-on demonstration given by award winning pond profesionals on pond and waterfall excavation. Equipment, plumbing, and components placements and installation, liner installation, and creating the foundation for a successful pond project took place during the day. That night a welcome reception party took place at the Premier Ponds headquarters aka Steve Shinholser residence. Open tours of the Premier Ponds base of operations were on-going, the display pond was still in full glory, informal sales training and role play happened, and pond professionals poured in from across the country filling a large outdoor patio, enjoying good food and drinks; with even a few “stiff” drinks going down, made for a fun evening. ALL of this happening while Shindemonium 2014 was streaming LIVE from The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast!
Day 2 was filled with learning! The remaining pond construction began by 9am demonstrating rock installation techniques like strapping/placing large boulders, the “leaner methodology”, and waterfall construction. Speakers, Steve Shinholser from Premier Ponds spoke on philosphies of selling techniques to create great income and lifestyle from a water garden koi pond business. Greg Wittstock “The Pond Guy” and Pond Stars reality TV show star was at Shindemonium and gave a key

note on the state of the pond industry; and things look good! Chris Wilson from Aquascape Inc. spoke on new pond product developments that are coming into the market. Kelly Billing, aquatic plant expert spoke on aquatic plant essentials and methods used to grow amazing aquatic plants in the water garden and koi pond; while Mike Kurylo and Andrew Lingan from Premier Ponds demonstrated techniques on aquatic plant division and potting. Tom Reber, professional business coach spoke on building a strong business, building a strong self, and utilizing habits of the successful in your own life and business . Ken Smith sales expert, gave some insight into selling ponds and water features with the Sandler Sales Method. Sales training excersizes took place as well. After daytime events at University of Maryland a networking reception and “Maryland Style” dinner took place back at Premier Ponds HQ with door prizes, a highly competitive cornhole contest, and some thoughts on “Money” given by Steve Shinholser who was given a visit from “Jake and Elwood”. Business testimonials from various attendees who have been following the plan and realizing the improvements in their business were said, and networking with some of the best professionals in the pond industry was everywhere. Even a chorus of Happy Birthday was sung to one of the young ladies in attendance.
Day 3 was the Shindemonium wrap up with an early morning country hike followed by a breakfast meeting and general departure. Some pros stuck around to take advantage of an “unscheduled” hands on training project. The entire event was well organized with something to offer for pond profesionals of every type, at every stage of their professional development. New friendships were made and old friendships were made stronger. The Hunters Moon continued into its wane as the members of the tribe scattered back to their villages with the fruits of the “pow wow” and Shindemonium 2014 came to its offical close. Another amazing event for the water garden and koi pond industury that deserves a special thanks to Premier Ponds and Turf Equipment. Pond professionals from everywhere will be waiting to hear when the next Shindemonium tribal gathering will happen in 2015!

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