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Were you at Pondeminium 2014? It was hosted by Splash Supply Co. and took place this year again in York, PA on February 5,6,7. Were you there?

     If you are a pond professional and you did not attend Pondeminium you did miss some things. But here are some things you did not miss…

     You did not miss hearing some of the pond and water garden industry’s best motivational, informational, and inspirational speakers.

     You did not miss Steve Shinholser’s talk on the “Shinholser Effect”. Steve is owner of Premier Ponds, one of the country’s most successful pond and water garden companies. Steve spoke about the “Shinholser Effect” which would have helped you develop and implement easy to apply techniques that will increase sales, revenue, and PROFITS for your pond and water garden business.

     You didn’t miss Doug and Judy Harvey of Pond World Inc., or an entrance better than the opening of the Olympics! Their presentation “The Superbowl of Selling”, focused on not only what it takes to succeed in sales while out in the market place; but what it takes on the inside of yourself as well. Selling has everything to do with attitude and perspective, Doug and Judy made that easy to understand and utilize.

     The President of Aquascapes Inc. Colleen Heitzler, along with Jeff Payton V.P. of Business Development for AI were attending Pondeminium 2014. But you did not miss them when they gave a tease of insight into new product developments and the new “Pond Guys” TV show that will be debuting Summer 2014!

     You did not miss when Chris Siewing of Natures Re-Creations; and AI “Pond Artist of the Year” 2012, when he showcased an amazing project that he collaborated on with industry legend Anthony Archer-Wills. Chris shared design insights and construction techniques employed when creating this world class pond project.

     You also did not miss BJ Linger from BJL Aquascapes, nope! BJ’s “Blueprint to Engaging Customers Online” mapped out the “how to’s” on optimizing your website, and your social media content so your pond and water garden company is easily found online. You get found online easier, you get more jobs, and BJ’s techniques can help that happen!

     You certainly did not miss Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics, when he shared on how to start creating and amassing content for your pond and water garden business. His presentation also suggested where to bring your content to market with social media platforms to help grow your business. And thank goodness you did not miss the comparison of Greg Wittstock and Aquascape Inc. to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.

     You did not miss any of these presentations because Mark and Becky Willoughby, event hosts, and owners of Splash Supply Company, video taped the entire event to share with all of the pond and water garden professionals out there who could not make this great event. So you did NOT miss these presentations; but here is what you did miss.

     You missed all the smaller breakout roundtable discussions. You missed face to face networking, connecting with industry friends and meeting new ones. You missed hands on training for pond and waterfall design and construction taught by award winning designers. You missed hands on seminars on how to install overflowing urns, and designing with submersible lighting systems taught by the Splash Supply team. You missed some good food and drinks and some great camaraderie. You missed some professional relationship building at this winter’s largest pond and water garden event that attracted pond professionals from coast to coast and internationally. You also missed an early morning “Pond Warrior Workout”, which deserves a special thanks to Splash Supply Co. for NOT videotaping that!

     Its been a brutal winter for most in 2014, and travel was not possible for many. You did miss some really great things that made being AT Pondeminium 2014 so worthwhile. However; you still get the all the amazing “content” of Pondeminium 2014 with the video presentations which will be coming out soon from Splash Supply Company!


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