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Hey Mike, is it ok to add new koi to the pond in the fall?


Hey, thanks for reaching out! Great question. There are some benefits and some negatives to your question. One of the great things about getting new koi in the Fall is that you can find some great pricing on koi. In areas that get cold weather and winters most fish sellers are anxious to get rid of stock toward the end of the season before it gets cold; they do not want to have to keep stock all winter if they do not have to. For that reason some good deals and great pricing can be found on koi. On the other hand the koi that are available are usually not the best koi, they are what is left from their stock.

Good deals and pricing can make investing in koi toward the end of the season very tempting. However; I feel that this is NOT the best time for koi purchases. Zones that get cold I would not suggest introducing new fish much after August and at latest September. I don’t like that the fish will not have alot of time to fully acclimate to your pond before going into torpor (fish “hibernation”). I like when fish have plenty of time to fully acclimate into their homes and establish eating patterns before cold weather hits. I also like them having a month or more to be observed for any health issues.

The practice of introducing fish to new environments with only weeks before they stop eating and go into torpor is not a practice I would suggest. Is it “OK” to add new koi to the pond in the Fall? It’s ok, but not recommended!

Good luck and KEEP IT PONDY!!


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Larry Carnes

Yes, I definitely agree what you say. But, there are few people who try and add koi pond in fall and have experience many issues as well. So, it’s better to avoid in this season!

Mike Gannon

Thanks Larry! Not the best time of year, but if it has to be done, do it with some careful acclimation. -Mike

Carole Elliott

Would you write an article for KOI USA magazine on how many koi you should have in your pond, when you should add the koi (quarantine), and should you add koi if you haven’t added koi in over a year?
I look forward in hearing from you.
Carole Elliott

Mike Gannon

Hi Carole. Thanks for reaching out. I hope you are enjoying the blog. I’d be happy to write an article for KOI USA on the topic you mentioned or other topics. However I think I would need an invitation from the magazine to do that. Are you associated with the magazine? Thanks again! -Mike


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