New Jersey pond services and koi

Every season Full Service Aquatics handles lots of koi pond water garden projects. Our latest koi pond water garden project in Princeton, NJ took place in January which is an unusual time of year for these projects in New Jersey, but with a rare stretch of warm weather during this time the FSA team took advantage to create a beautiful koi pond water garden.

koi pond water garden Princeton New Jersey

The main pond prominently features a 3′ tall waterfall which connects the upper pond area to the lower pond area. The pond is 12′ across by 7′ wide, the depth is 30″ to allow for easy fish keeping during every season here in New Jersey. To check out the full project see the video below!


All koi pond, water garden, and water feature projects by Full Service Aquatics feature truly unique custom designs tailored to enhance our customer’s outdoor living environments. All of our water features are built with professional grade equipment with ease of maintenance in mind.

Full Service Aquatics services all of New Jersey and parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Give FSA a call at 908.277.6000 today to talk about your project. Visit our website to check out some more of our custom built projects at www.fullserviceaquatics.com. Thanks!


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