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Bakki shower filtration is a fairly new approach to pond filtration here in the United States, yet it has enjoyed some popularity in Japan and the UK for some time now. Bakki showers would seem comparable, in concept, to the familiar “trickle” type filters that are well known in the pond and aquarium industry; but there are differences. The design of the Bakki showers typically will consist of deep stainless steel trays. The trays are filled with filter media and have the water delivered on top, trickling down through the filter media, and then discharged from the bottom of the tray. The discharge into the pond looks like it is leaving a large shower head.  The amount of trays used depends on the size pond you are filtering. One tray, depending on the quality of filter media, will filter about 500 gallons. The trays can be stacked on over the other about 4 high treating about 2000 gallons of pond water. If more filtration is needed a new stack would be started. This type of filtration is a “wet/dry” approach with the filter media constantly showered with pond water (wet); yet exposed to open air at all times (dry).

The Bakki shower filter system was invented and patented by Momotaro Koi Farm (MTK) in Japan; and inspired by the natural filtering qualities of natural waterfalls. Bakki showers have gained great popularity in Japan and Asia with growing interest in the UK and even the US. Some of the benefits of the bakki shower system are greatly reduced maintenance; claims of “maintenance free” are slightly overstated (everything requires maintenance). Bakkis offer higher levels of biological filtration, higher levels of oxygen to purify the water, great mechanical filtration for excellent water clarity. The bakki showers are “stand alone” filter systems for ponds that help increase koi growth and appetites.

The down sides of Bakki shower filter systems? Yes, there are a few. The biggest is cost; the bakki shower filter systems from Momotaro are expensive, which has led to many DIY inquiries over the internet. They are very large filters which can make them hard to hide if you don’t enjoy seeing the filter system on your pond; however they can be somewhat decorated by growing some plants in the trays to soften the look and maybe even add minor filtration benefits. They are “loud”; depending on how exactly you choose to discharge the water back into your pond will dictate how loud they are, but compared to most other types of filtering methods the Bakki will be up there in the decibel factor.bacteria house media new jersey pond

But here is the thing…. Don’t let the international koi community know you heard it here please; but, the REAL beauty of the bakki filter system is not the actual structure, you know those stainless steel deep trays. The REAL beauty of the Bakki filters function is from what type of media you use and the Momotaro Bakki Filters come with a very special, very awesome, filter media called Bacteria house Filter Media. Bacteria house filter media was developed by MTK in Japan, who had won “Best Filtration Media in the World” award (yes, such an award exists…I know, I know). The filter media was originally intended to be used with waste water filtration and like so many things in the pond industry we, very smartly, use those developments to our benefit in creating high water quality in our koi ponds and water gardens. The Bacteria House filter media was refined several times into what is now available to us pond keepers is an awesome material. Bacteria House filter media can be used “wet/dry” or “submerged” to great effect. It is made from super heated ceramic that allows for massive colonization of beneficial bacteria faster than other media. It offers mechanical filtration with rapid breakdown of solids. Bacteria House media breaks down ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. It creates odor free water, and rapidly degasses pond water. The end result is a media that will increase fish health, appetitive, and growth. So the REAL beauty is in those wonderful beads of Bacteria house filter media, which can be used in many other filtering devices; but you did not hear that here.

If you are looking for powerhouse filtration then Bakki Shower filters are some of the best on the global market right now. If you are looking to purchase a genuine Bakki Shower filter by Momotaro there are dealers in the UK and Japan. If you are hoping to create your own “DIY” shower filter there is all sorts of online discussions and “how-to” for you; but always be careful with whom you take your advice from. No matter how you build it or buy it, remember the REAL beauty is what you cannot see at the microbial level while beneficial bacteria come alive on the Bacteria House filter media!


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I would like info on a system pond is 2800 gal how many trays do I need price per tray
Complete please let me know.
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