The Guppy

koi pond water garden Basking Ridge NJ 07920 Somerset County

Enjoyment abounds with this professionally installed small pond package which is complimented by the sights and sounds of a beautiful waterfall design right up against the edge of the pond, submersible pond lighting is included to highlight your water feature during those long evening hours, as well as an aquatic plant to get your water garden under way. This pond size is great for those who may not have a large area to put a water feature, or who just want to “get their feet wet” in the water garden lifestyle. This pond installation is large enough to keep a nice variety of aquatic plants and pond fish all year round without worrying about bringing your fish indoors to over winter. This pond installation is well equipped with a professional grade pond skimmer, biofalls filtration system, and components. Like all FULL SERVICE AQUATICS AND LANDSCAPE water feature installations it is low maintenance and can run year round without any shutdown period.

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