The Bullfrog

backyard pond water garden koi Verona NJ Essex County NJ 07044

Maybe you have a little more room or more desire to have a lot more pond fish and aquatic plants for you to spend your afternoons and weekends relaxing with. Sounds like you might want to step up to the BULLFROG!! The BULLFROG  is accented with a 2 tier waterfall design feeding into the body of the pond. This pond package will give the pond owner plenty of room for a large variety of pond fish and it’s a great way to get started with koi. Aquatic plants will thrive not only in your pond but there is enough room in the waterfall to have those lush green aquatic plants growing from places you’d only dream of. This pond installation package comes with an upgraded pumping system, skimmer box and biofalls filtration system, and enhanced submersible lighting package to light the nights.

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