Floating Islands


Biohaven Floating Islands are made from recycled plastic which is spun into a “matrix” and bonded together with adhesive foam which is non-reactive with water and will not harm plants or livestock. Biohavens are planted with sod, garden or wetland plants and launched onto a waterbody, then anchored in the desired location. The plants are left to grow naturally, and as they develop, their roots grow through the matrix and into the water below the Biohaven floating island. Over time the natural ecosystem will evolve and mature not only becoming strikingly beautiful but more importantly become a more effective biological filter the older the island grows. The oldest Biohaven floating island currently is almost a decade old! The model for the Biohaven Floating Island is Nature. Biohavens “bio-mimic” Nature, creating a naturally balanced system. Natural balance is the key. To add balance to the more serious side of Biohaven floating islands they can be made into any shape or size. Biohaven floating islands offer some very fun uses!

BioHaven Floating Islands can:

  • Create docks, piers, jetties, and walkways.
  • Provide floating support for recreational uses, such as picnic tables, floating stages, gazebos, duck blinds, sun-tanning platforms.
  • Grow floating vegetable or flower gardens that never need watering!
  • Provide new land mass for human habitation; your own personal island!!
  • Try creating a sail for your floating island or mount a small outboard motor to take your island where you want to go!

BioHaven Floating Islands represent a natural, convenient and cost-effective solution for some of the most expensive water quality issues on the planet. Not only are they natural, aesthetic and functional, and “green”, they are virtually maintenance-free with only minimum stewardship required.

Floating Island Services

  • Sales – Call FULL SERVICE AQUATICS for your free consultation on floating islands in New Jersey. Biohaven Floating Islands have applications from small to scale to very large scale. Whether public or private, municipal or state level water quality issues, Full Service Aquatics can recognize your needs and offer solutions for your specific desired use of the Biohaven floating island.
  • Installations and Launches – FULL SERVICE AQUATICS is proud to be Certified Island Masters and can help or completely handle the entire process of getting your floating island not only to your location, but we can also plant the floating island, launch your floating island, and anchor your floating island at your desired New Jersey pond or lake location.
  • Consultations/Presentations – Arrange for one of our Certified Island Masters to arrive at your location to consult about any issue or topic you may have in regards to Biohaven Floating Islands. Are you interested in a presentation for your group, organization, or club in regards to Biohaven floating islands or any services provided by FULL SERVICE AQUATICS. Call today and arrange for a powerpoint presentation or Q&A time for your interest in floating islands.
  • Stewardship/Maintenance – Once your floating island has been launched the stewardship and maintenance duties are minimal. If you are interested in FULL SERVICE AQUATICS providing those services we can set up a program to work for your specific needs. Call today to discuss the possibilities.