Aquarium Services

Aquarium Maintenance

Lifting buckets, scrubbing algae, broken heaters, OOPS!! Water everywhere! Want to take the hassle out of keeping an aquarium beautiful? Sign up for one of our maintenance programs (see program descriptions); with several to choose from, we’ll get you covered. Let us do the hard work for you. (100.00 minimum service fee).

Aquarium Design and Installations

Need an aquarium installed in your home, office, school, church, or business? Call us, we will deliver and install a complete set-up where you want it. Or, looking for an unusual aquarium, working with a difficult space? Let our designer customize an aquarium for you, any size, any shape. (Call for an estimate)

Aquarium Moving Service

Whether it is from one side of your living room to the other, or moving you tank and fish across state, relocating an aquarium is not an easy task. Allow us to handle breaking down, transporting, and re-installing your fish tank and livestock. (60.00 per man hour, +.25/mile (100.00 min. charge))

Coral and Decor Cleaning Service

Has your beautiful décor turned green? Black? We can restore your decorations with our aquarium safe process, OR see our “Decoration Rotation Program” description. (Priced by quantity)

Livestock Delivery

An aquarist from FSA will handpick your livestock from one of our importer/wholesalers. Premium livestock at competitive prices delivered right to your door, and acclimated to your tank, with a guarantee (see our livestock policy)!(Delivery fee, plus livestock)

Product Delivery

Our experienced staff will bring you the quality products and equipment you need. With an ocean of copycat products out there who knows what really works or not? FSA will provide you with the products and equipment that have been tried and proven to give results! Product delivery service is free to our maintenance program customer. (Delivery fee, plus items)

On-Call Services

Maybe your aquarium or pond maintenance needs are not very demanding, then just call us when you need us, and we will schedule your service call! We are here for you! (60.00 per hour (1 hour minimum), +.25/mile)

Emergency Services

Do you need service ASAP! Today! Has there been equipment failure on your aquarium? Did somebody spray your pond and the fish are dying? IF YOU ARE HAVING AN EMERGENCY, CALL US!! (120.00 per hour (1 hour minimum), +.25/mile)

Maintenance Programs

Monthly Maintenance Program

Aquarium maintenance services will be performed and billed on a 4 week cycle (13 service calls annually). Services will consist of checking all systems; lighting, pumping, filtration, heating, and aeration for proper functioning. Water quality testing, gravel vacuuming, water change, condition water, clean interior/exterior viewing panels, remove excess debris, check livestock health, clean or change filter media (as needed), clean or change sponges, check or change chemicals, remove and rinse aquarium décor, decorate aquarium, fill tank, clean tank exterior, clean glass canopy, wipe clean cabinet stands and covers, check and replace supplies. (4) Carbon treatments included annually. Hang-on-back filter cartridges included.

Bi-Weekly Maintenance Program

Aquarium maintenance services will consist of one (1) service call to perform all major service duties listed in the monthly service program, one (1) service call to perform all minor service duties; clean interior/exterior viewing panels. Check all systems; lighting, pumping, filtration, heating, and aeration, check livestock, top off tank, condition water.

Weekly Maintenance Program

Aquarium maintenance services will consist of one (1) service call to perform all major service duties listed in the monthly service program. Two (2) service calls to perform all minor service duties listed in the bi-weekly maintenance program. One (1) service call to perform all minor duties, plus change or clean sponges and filter pads, top off tank, test water quality, check or change chemicals (as needed).

Decoration Rotation Program

Every aquarium owner knows that to have a great looking aquarium, you need great looking décor. Every aquarium owner also knows that cleaning the décor is a tedious, time-consuming undertaking,…but, not anymore! For FSA customers, who have chosen any one of our aquarium maintenance programs, they can pay a one time fee for the “Decoration Rotation Program”. Let FSA take out the dingy, dirty décor and replace it with a new display of clean plants and rockwork each major service cycle. FSA will clean the decor with our aquarium safe cleaning process on our premises not yours. Let FSA keep your fish tank looking showcase quality! (Program pricing starts at 80.00)

Coral Rotation Program

Exotic, beautiful, and costly corals gracing your fish tank, until they are dirty that is. Who wants to see that? Is that what you spent all that money on? No way! For the savvy FSA customer the “Coral Rotation Program” is an excellent choice for keeping your aquarium looking its show quality best. Restoring corals is very time consuming and can often give disastrous results for the amateur or novice. For a very reasonable fee, FSA will remove the algae covered corals in your aquarium and replace them with clean, algae-free, like new corals each major service cycle. No more spending your days off laboring with chemicals, scrubbers, and corals. Your aquarium décor will look like new and the coral arrangement will never be the same twice! FSA does require that customers purchase a full set of corals to be considered for this program. (Program pricing starts at 5.00/ sq. ft.)